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A Midsommar Night's Dream

Midsummer, or Midsommar, is a popular festival in Scandinavia and a national holiday in Sweden second only to Christmas! Marking the middle of harvest season and the summer solstice, Midsommar celebrates nature's bounty and fertility. Dancing raucously with loud music around a bonfire is believed to ward off dark spirits, and love spells are cast in light of fertility and health. Midsommar Eve is when festivities usually commence, since it is the shortest night of the year followed by the longest day. In northern Sweden, almost 24 hours of daylight make the day seem magically never-ending. Collecting flowers to make crowns and wreaths is a symbol of good health, and no celebration is complete without a feast!

People dance around a Maypole during Midsommar. Farmer's Almanac 2023.

Being that it's a celebration of nature, Midsommar takes place in a pastoral setting with a decorated Maypole at its center and tables of food laid out including a variety of fish, meats, cheeses and produce - a true Smörgåsbord! Traditional fare includes pickled herring and new potatoes with chives and dill, along with lots of fresh produce and a dessert of strawberries and cream. This year Midsommar is celebrated on June 24, and Midsommar's Eve June 23. Although the summer solstice this year falls on June 21, the holiday is always celebrated on Friday and Saturday so everyone can partake!

A Midsommar's Night Dream at Wilmington Wine's Creative Tastings

June 23/24, 2023

First Course


Herring with cream sauce, gravlax, charcuterie

Second Course

Swedish Cheese Pie

Third Course

Swedish Meatballs and New Potatoes

Fourth Course

Roast Leg of Lamb



Strawberry Meringue Cake

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